Cubby: A Cloud Storage and Dropbox alternative by LogMeIn

Cubby by LogMeIn, a great Drobox alternative is now in open beta phase. Cubby is offering 5GB of online storage including some features which majority of other cloud storage providers don’t provide.

If you still not sure what a cloud storage is; in a word “A cloud storage is your online storage which you can access from anywhere in the world through internet from multiple devices. Not only that, you can share your files or folders with your friends just giving them a simple link rather than attaching a file too.”

Why Cubby is better than Dropbox?

First of all Cubby offers 5GB of storage which 2.5 times more than Dropbox offers.

If you need more spaces, Cubby offers similar referral system just like Dropbox does. But, the referral system is currently limited to send invitation through email only. If the person you invite register and install Cubby you get 1GB more space and up to 25GB total space.

Space isn’t everything, what about other features of Cubby? Cubby offers several great features which makes Cubby better. Perhaps you want to transfer some files or folders between your computers or devices but not into cloud. If your both devices are online at the same time, you can transfer file between your devices but those files won’t be hosted in cloud.

Or may be you want to store some files into your cloud storage but not into your devices? With Cubby you can do that too. You have full control over synching.

And something more is; you can get unlimited versioning of your previous version of files. Which means, if you delete any file or folder by mistake from a device, you can restore that file again for unlimited time.

If you already have an account on LogMeIn or, you can use same account on too

Like Dropbox, Cubby has desktop versions (Windows and Mac), Android and iOS versions too. So, why not giving Cubby a try if you haven’t given a try yet?…

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Best Music Production Laptop 2013

Best Laptop for Music production in 2013

Music is known as the key to maintaining a stress free and interesting life where your laptop features the best music system and access to applications that will allow you to play with your music even more! Hence we bring to you onto this panel where you can obtain the best music production laptop 2013 will be featuring. If you are in search of the latest music production laptop 2013 will be bringing forth then obtain the newest updates on this panel of music.

Right from offering to you some amazing songs lists where you can enjoy penning down the newest 2013 songs in different genres of music right from rock to old country soul, music is definitely the sole definition of an individual. It gives us a retrospective to the kind of attitude the person currently holds with respect to certain situations in his/her life. Which is why you must be picky when it comes to choosing the best music production laptop 2013 will be featuring. So here are a few important details you must understand while picking any of the newest music production laptop will introduce.

Options to Pick the Best Music Production Laptop 2013 Online?

When we’re evolving soundly in the world of technology each and every day then we must become accustomed to the changes as well as the modifications today. We find that computer systems and laptops have specialized applications in them which not only features all kinds of music but allows streaming as well. So are you trying to get hold of the best music production laptop 2013 will release? You can make music using your laptops which is conveniently useful for rising musicians hence allowing them to feature their records on social networking and video marketing sites like YouTube etc. The latest music production laptop 2013 will be featuring will be discussed on this site so if you’re interested stay tuned in for further updates.

So when we’re talking about the Best Music Production Laptop 2013 Editions we’re discussing high maintenance, cost and versatility of your operating system

1.    Type of Operating System:Not every Windows system supports different kinds of software and features. So it is really important to check out the list of the latest music production laptop 2013 will be featuring to familiarize yourself with the functions and facilities.

2.    Budget:You can’t fidget with the budget because if it is the newest music production laptop 2013 edition you’re aiming for then you must have enough savings to buy you the laptop of your dreams.

While searching for the best music production laptop 2013 will be featuring you should check out the necessary features involved in the laptop production that will make your sound system limitless and absolutely mind rocking. Enjoy all your rock songs on a high when you have the latest best music production laptop 2013 editions at your end. For Laptop 2013, now stay updated through this music panel online!…

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